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I have been on my own spiritual journey for a couple of years now but I have never had any energy work done. Going in to see Hannah I really was not sure what to expect. First off she invited me into a room which was very calming and Hannah made me feel at ease straight away. The session itself was a very powerful one. Not going into it too much as it was personal to me but it connected me to different energies and a lot of held emotion was released from me. This has made a difference which I feel will last for a long time. I have already booked another session and looking forward to seeing where my journey takes me. Hannah herself made me feel welcome, she held the space well and professionally.  I would recommend Hannah to anyone looking for some healing .


At the latest session I had with Hannah she took me on a powerful healing journey. I love Hannah's gentle manner in which I felt nurtured and safe. The session occurred a month ago and I can still see part of the imagery which allows me to feel grounded and strong. Thank you Hannah it has allowed me to move forwards in confidence and Grace.


 It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say seeing Hannah has changed my life. I sought out chiropractic care having suffered from chronic lower back pain for several years, which had worsened during my second pregnancy and was still bothering me 8 months post-partum. I’d also been suffering from terrible headaches every few weeks. Not only has Hannah’s amazing care significantly helped my back pain, it has hugely improved my emotional and mental well-being by enabling me to let go of anxiety, stress and negative emotions. I feel the best I have in years. Oh, and the headaches have completely gone :) If you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, go see Hannah and she’ll help you feel your best again (and sort out that back ache ;)). 


Hannah is an amazing chiropractor and I cannot recommend her enough! She was so welcoming and created such a relaxing environment. I get frequent migraines and had pain in my upper back. I was quite nervous about any treatments on my back but Hannah really put me at ease. She explained the adjustments she was making in an accessible way and was really gentle.
I am grateful to Hannah for answering so many of my questions. She is very knowledgeable about chiropracting and her holistic approach adds that extra level of care. Hannah has also helped me to be more aware of my posture and suggested ways to improve my physical health in my day to day. I hope to have another session soon 😊


I started having treatment from Hannah last summer for my spinal condition, after the first session I must admit to coming away and thinking 'what is this going to do?' because she has a very gentle and non invasive approach. As the sessions went on I realised that she is very intuitive and working on a deeper level than just the physical and that my body language was changing and feeling more relaxed. As a builder my lower spinal area has had quite a few traumas and I had begun to not trust it but since seeing Hannah my faith in my back has returned. I cannot recommend her highly enough.


I can’t recommend Hannah highly enough. She is deeply intuitive in her work, a natural and puts you at ease. She also takes time to gain a deep understanding of you and your needs and is extremely knowledgeable.

I saw Hannah for recurrent debilitating headaches, I’m happy to say they are a thing of the past but I still see Hannah at any opportunity, sadly less now we have moved. My appointments with Hannah not only helped for my headaches but also guided my body through pregnancy and I am now looking forward to her checking the newest member of the family.




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